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For more than 25 years, Apotecnia is the French specialist of sterile and non sterile single use devices for clinics and public hospitals. As a close partner and distributor of world-class manufacturers, and thanks to our experienced sales and marketing team of 15+ people, we are helping them reach the whole national market.

Our broad product range is focused on high value added products, specially for perfusion and infusion, which improves the safety of both patients and medical staff. It also includes continence care, oxygen therapy, medical and surgical gloves, scalpels, enteral administration, other operating room devices and non woven clothing.

Thanks to our sister company Kelis Medical, focused on the homecare market, we offer the best solutions for care continuity once patients are back at home.           

With about 200 deliveries per day, Apotecnia's logistics is proof tested and can quickly dispatch your products to any of our thousands of customers. We are used to dealing with trucks and containers incoming deliveries, and can help you streamline your production and transport and thus reduce market access costs.

Led by two pharmacists, Apotecnia is a certified pharmaceutical laboratory and has also a very strict quality control process for both products and customer service. We are ISO 9000 certified since 1997.


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